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Functionality of VATeGENIE

Data Bridge

The module which accepts data in any structured data format, it can be using a user upload or through SFTP or through API integrations. The format includes .txt/ .CSV/ .xml/.xls/.xlxs.


The ‘Schema Generator’ is used to convert the source data file in application Native format very smoothly.


The transformed data is validated using various structural and logical aspects to perform data cleansing.


Use multiple host system data to do compliance at one place!

VAT Computation Engine


The VAT engine, based on the input data, determines the accurate tax on each transaction and compute the correct VAT payable.


The VAT engine verifies each transaction of sales and purchase and applies tax rules mas per the provisions stipulated in the decree law to determine the right treatment in each transaction/invoice.

Exception Handling

VATeGenie is designed to handle the different exceptions in computation of VAT as per specific business needs and dynamics of the region.

Tax Bridge

Vetting Returns data

The data for VAT return filing is checked and vetted by strong tax logics built already in system. End to end maker – checker Workflow.

Reverse feed

VATeGenie is capable of providing reverse feed of changes & rectifications back to the accounting/host system.

Tax and accounting

Reverse feeds can be used for accounting and audits purpose.

VAT Compliance

VAT returns

The application provides the ready VAT returns in prescribed formats after processing the data.

FAF file

As per Government regulations the FTA Audit File (FAF) is prepared and there for you anytime you want.

Dynamic Reporting & Business Intelligence

Multiple other financial, operational, accounting and compliance reports that add value to the overall business.

VAT Invoicing

Customize Invoice format

VATeGenie can generate bulk Invoices from raw data input. VATeGenie also brings in flexibility with options of different templates of invoicing even within a business for use in multiple divisions, verticals and branches of an organisation.

VAT compliant Invoice

Rest assured, your invoices will be compliant with the invoicing rules.


Email all invoices directly in bulk to the customers & notify them.


Audit trails

Logs of all the user activities are maintained in the system, providing complete audit trials for eviews.

Internal controls

Allocation of user rights and the maker checker application approach provides with good internal ontrols.

Encrypted and Secure data transfer

Your data is secured in hands of VATeGenie. Be. Rest. Assured.

Tax Advisor’s Module NEW FEATURE

Manager Dashboard

This is the best activity tracking tool, using this the Managers or Partners or top management can manage or track the client compliances.

User allocations

Easy management of users in the application to file VAT returns of clients.

Tax Practice Management

Manage the entire spectrum of practise by directly filing client returns, task tracking amongst team members, client billing, emails and notifications engine for clients to be updated on their compliance as well as latest in compliance laws.

Let’s talk about what VATeGenie offers

Features as such, you will have to look nowhere else

A Robust product with
easy scalability

VATeGenie is backed by the strong team of Tax professionals and dynamic developers.

VATeGenie can be adjusted according to be need of every organisation.

Ready Internal

The thoughtful design of VATeGenie allows to take control of compliance as well as data.

The data and compliance activities of multiple branches can be managed Centrally.

It won’t Disturb your

VATeGenie only fetches data form ERP or any other Accounting system, it need not to be Integrated to host system to work. The Implementation activity does not disturb organisations daily schedule.

User friendly application design, only 3 steps to compliance

Stagger period wise
Batch processing

Customisable User

Informative Company

We work on SaaS model,
login and Comply!

Compliance and

Maker Checker
workflow for
Internal Control!

Audit logs

Manager Dashboard for tracking the compliance activities

You can trust us with your data, it is encrypted securely all the time.

Compliance and

Maker Checker
workflow for
Internal Control!

Audit logs

Manager Dashboard for tracking the compliance activities

You can trust us with your data, it is encrypted securely all the time.

" Union of Tax & Technology - VATeGenie! "

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